Personal Cloud

People with the surname Dyrmose can get access to their own Personal Cloud, which purpose is be to an alternative to popular online services, such as Google Cloud and Pocket. The server uses solely open-source software (OSS) to ensure privacy and functionality, so the users can harvest the benefits of having a self-hosted cloud.




The servers hosting these services are powerful, and will not have downtime. Plus backups are taken every fifth minute, all day. Furthermore, the services running are always up-to-date to ensure stability and security.


The quest for privacy is normally not easy, but with your Personal Cloud, it has become easy. Your Cloud Services are hosted on servers running only open-source software, so no data-leaking and only logging of fatal errors on the server - so no logging of users on the server!


All of the services are easy to use due to their nice web interfaces, and likewise easy to configure. More importantly, if you should need any help, the admin will always only be an email away.


Synchronize your data

Synchronize your files, contacts, calendars and tasks with Nextcloud. In other words, an alternative to Google- and Microsoft Cloud Services.

Personal email

Read your emails, from your personal email ending in, or another domain you own.

Personal notes

Access your own personal notes, that can contain pictures, formulas etc. with Laverne. In other words, an alternative to Evernote.

Manage projects

Manage your projects efficiently and simply with Kanboard.

Save articles

Safe and classify articles, so they can be read later, eventualy via your RSS-reader, with Wallabag. In other words, an alternative to Pocket.


Communicate freely via XMPP, which respects your privacy via encryption, with Metronome. In other words, an alternative to messenger.


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